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Jared Cottone

Hello! My name is Jared Cottone. I want to thank you for visiting my interactive resume and portfolio. Over the years I have had my hand in many development technologies. To code a site with a plethora of frameworks and languages allows me to deliver competitive and compelling sites or applications. My creative background supports the experience I learned from design roles and positions in past projects. With the technology and creative skills combined, I feel my eclectic experience is comprehensive for a full beginning to end site and application development.

Application Planning

Website and application planning is important for any scale project. Proper planning from wireframes, flowcharts, styleguides, and architectural processes will result in successful applications and websites.

Website Development

The development or engineering stage of a website or application will usually combine many frameworks, technologies, and programming languages. My core forte is LAMP along with supporting frameworks both backend and frontend.

Web Marketing

Understanding the marketing and search engine optimization aspect of a project allows me to integrate such into the planning and development stages. Tools used like HubSpot, ExactTarget and Sales Force along with SEO tools like the MOZ and Google Webmaster can deliver impressive results.

My Approach

There are many detailed processes in any website application development. I broke them down into four stages I like to use for any project.


Really understanding what it is we want to do and build. Documenting goals and summary of site abilities. Research competitor's strength and weaknesses.


Building requirements. Defining the team needed to code and develop the site. Choosing the right tech environment, technologies, frameworks needed.

Design & Develop

Designers build conceptual pages for the development team. The development team goes to work. Coding and testing the application. Using versioning like SVN or Git.

Evolve and Market

Ongoing development support, refinement. Search engine optimization and marketing ensue. Content editors write and build articles for blog and social media.


How I can work for you

I strive to offer the best services from hard work and efficient, organized delivery. As stated throughout the site, I provide many different methods to help you in your next project. I have had some who wanted consulting in planning and managing their project. Others wanted me to design and code their application. Even some looked to me to market and optimize their site. A wide range of options to choose from. Below I describe the competencies in internet technologies. Some are intermediate others are expert levels. Few are novice or introduction exposure.


With over a decade in web design the websites and web applications delivered are developed in an organized and professional level.

The websites I work with from small to enterprise levels are comprised of many difference coding languages and technologies/frameworks. Below are some competencies in this area:

  • Responsive design & development
  • JS Frameworks (jQuery, Bootstrap, more...)
  • HTML5
  • Angular.js
  • RESTful API
  • JSON & XML
  • Styleguide/


Although much can be accomplished with frontend development these days, server side programming can be vital from some applications.

Coming from a LAMP stack background, I continue to refine the skillset in the server side programming realm. From database, coding, and hosting side management, there are many avenues to provide support for such projects.

  • PHP (some PHP frameworks)
  • MySQL
  • Linux support
  • Plesk and Hosting support
  • CMS (Wordpress, Concrete5, more...)

Related Development

Many services and programming integration go into website and web application development.

The following skillsets are services, frameworks, or integrations that help meet project's requirements in other development avenues. Included in this area are mobile development expertise.

  • GIT & SVN
  • Google Analytics & GTM
  • Tealium IQ
  • Design
  • Cordova/PhoneGap
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce


Many technologies, many layers.

Web or systems architects provide support for many facets of a projects ecosystem. With my in depth experience in many components in web development allows for an effective architectural role. This approach helps to deliver the best project/product since I would work with developers, engineers, etc right down to the code itself.

  • Understanding of Design and Wireframes
  • UI/UX development and technologies
  • Data Layer & Database
  • Server Side & Hosting support
  • Testing and regional deployment
  • Post development and marketing
jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.
RESTful API, Angular.js, PatternLab
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP)
WordPress, Concrete5, PHP CMS

— Skills, Technologies, Frameworks —

My Skills


Below are the top most popular skills used in current or recent projects. There are many more not listed and many facets of web development where my experience would apply.

Frontend skill sets in today's web development world is vital for any online project. I feel my frontend experience has been comprehensive. Included skills are HTML5, JavaScript (jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular...), CSS3, just to name a few.

Although my frontend development experience allows for great user experience, I too have much experience in the backend realm mainly in the PHP/MySQL arena. Many servers I work with are Linux servers with MySQL databases. With the PHP coding experience even integrating with JavaScript (AJAX/JSON), I have been able to develop many dynamic sites and applications.

In today's internet market, rarely does anything get built from scratch. Frameworks and CMS systems come into play here. With CMS I have worked with many platforms including, WordPress, Concrete5, Joomla, Drupal, DNN, SDL Tridion to name a few. WordPress and Concrete5 are the two main CMS systems I work with since my PHP experience allows for much customization, additional modules or plugins and themes.

Like CMS systems, frameworks are very important in today's online development. Boostrap is the most common framework I use. Angular, jQuery, and many more are used often in my projects. For the PHP side, Laravel is a common framework that i can work with. For frontend development I use PatternLab ( to be able to showcase and organize my frontend code to backend developers.

Understanding online marketing helps with my development. SEO and many marketing and development tools. Google Tag Manager and many more integrations help with marketing (and other development functions). Optimizing a site knowing the code and page efficiency will play a big role in SEO.

Before coming a programmer, I held design roles in which I was able to design websites, branding, and print assets. Strong Adobe Suite experience and even some 3D animation. My design experience has played a large role in my UI/UX development. Using tools like and other applications to deliver my page mockups allows for a full perspective on web development.

Marketing & SEO


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